Alexandra's Vlog

Author, motivational speaker, newspaper columnist, and television talk show host and producer, Alexandra is a young woman who has managed to accomplish, in a very short period,

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a lot more than most dream of achieving over a lifetime.

In 2010, she released her first internationally solicited book, "Beyond Beauty," which takes readers on a journey to self-discovery, and brings to a new generation of women an innovative and daring perspective on everyday life. Then in 2011, the multi-talented author added a new skill to her already vast repertoire. She accepted the challenge to become the first Oprah Winfrey of the French international scene as the host to the upcoming Alexandra Show, a television talk show that addresses the important issues facing our younger generation.

But Alexandra is more than a public figure. As a certified life coach and an entrepreneurship and business management graduate, it is with uncompromising determination and amidst all the preparations for her television debut that she began 2012 with a bang by delivering her series of 7-Week Programs. These life-altering courses are available in 4 modules – Love & Relationships, Starting your Business, Finances & Career, and Personal Development – through her company, A.V.A Coaching and Consulting Firm. They seek to teach ways to shed destructive habits and create new patterns to improve students’ quality of life and bring them closer to their boldest objectives.


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